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Posted by Hedy Huggett on
This is such a great idea, you have such beautiful art I'm glad your sharing it. I looked through them all, some I remember you painting. I wish you great success with this, hope you sell lots. I love your abstract especially "Hard Rock and Fortissimo" Of course I really like your flowers, the Iris, tulips and sunflowers on the black background. I feel absolutely inspired to start painting again. I haven't done any, just no energy or motivation but now I have, thank you for that. My very best wishes, Love Hedy
Posted by Carey Davis on
Josie, I love your beautiful artwork, the only problem I have is I love it all. Just can't choose which I like best. Your abstract convey such emotion and feeling. I love the flowers as I am a flower person and I do enjoy your new endeavors with water color media. It is an honor to personally know someone with such a God given talent. It must be a wonderful feeling to know you can give others so much enduring joy with your work.

Carey and Judy, Prescott, AZ